Commercial and Domestic Removals throughout Scotland

Clyde Financial Services

What service do you supply?

We remove unwanted items fast and efficiently from commercial and residential properties and legally dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our service includes a team of two loading the materials from anywhere on your property and cleaning up at the end of the job.


Frequently asked questions

Please note that these may not be applicable under the repossession services offered.

Are you insured to do this work?

Yes. Our vans, drivers and tradesmen are fully insured to do this work, including cover against any damage caused to a client's property when removing unwanted items from the premises.

Are you licensed to do this work?

Yes, we are fully licensed by the Scottish Environment Agency to carry out this work and our company is C.H.A.S. registered.

Can you take my things to a charity of my choice?

Yes, provided there is one close at hand or we can select a local charity if your first choice is not convenient.

How do you charge?

We normally charge by volume i.e. the amount of space the items take up in the van, but if your material is exceptionally heavy then we would charge by weight e.g. rubble, concrete, soil etc

Why can't you give me an exact price over the phone?

Our rates are based on the amount and type of items being removed. Until we see what is to be removed, we can't give you an exact price. Once on the premises and before starting a job, our team will review the materials to be removed and provide you with a no obligation, free quote of how much the job will cost. We try to keep this as low as possible but can incur dumping charges.

How much notice do you require?

Try to give us as much notice as possible to ensure your items for collection can be scheduled for a time most convenient to you. Nevertheless, if you need a job doing urgently, we can normally arrange a pick-up within 2 working days of your call, if not sooner.

Do I have to be at the property to have the job done?

Not always, as long as we have access we can call you from site and quote to complete your requirements.

Can you do the job outside ordinary business hours?

Yes - If you require a pick-up outside ordinary business hours, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements.

How big are your vans?

Our vans payload is 14 cubic yards (approximately 10 cubic metres). This is roughly equivalent to 2 standard builders' skips (which are 6 or 8 cubic yards). Although the container is always the same size, different vans have different weight loading capacities. Some can carry only around 1 tonne of waste but others can carry up to 3 tonnes - ideal for a large mound of rubble!

What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is three feet high by three feet wide by three feet deep, or 27 cubic feet.

What equipment do your vans come with?

A shovel, broom, gorilla tubs, dust sheets, rubble bags, a vacuum cleaner, shoe covers, tools, and a sack trolley.

What precautions do you take not to make a mess or damage paintwork or leave muddy footprints on our carpets?

To minimise the chance of dirtying the inside of your property, we use dust sheets and use plastic shoe covers to avoid traipsing mud around the house. Our vans come fitted with onboard hand washing facilities so our drivers can wash their hands between jobs and we always sweep up thoroughly at the end of the job. In the unlikely event that we do damage your property when removing unwanted items, rest assured we are fully insured and we will arrange for any repairs immediately.

What do you do with the unwanted items?

The majority is recycled or reused - by being given to charities, or taken to specialist recycling facilities. Where those options are not possible we take waste to licensed Waste Transfer Stations where it is sorted and disposed of in the least environmentally damaging manner possible. Unless we are being hired to clear premises that have been repossessed - in this instance we must dispose of all items in accordance with our instructions.

Where are you based?

Our head office is based at Red Tree Business Suites, 24 Stonelaw Road, Glasgow G73 3TW

Why should I use your service instead of hiring a skip myself?

If you were to hire a skip, you would have to do all the loading and clearing up yourself, and you have a fixed charge for the skip regardless of how much you put in it. In addition, you may also have the added hassle and expense of applying for a permit, and you could also have the problem of your neighbours using your skip for their unwanted items. We can supply a skip if we feel this is the best and cheaper option for you. We can hire skips at lower costs and deal with the permits, we also meet the hire company on day of deliver to ensure no one else has access to the skip, we can arrange for the skip to be filled whilst the hire company wait and take it away instantly so not to cause congestion or bother your neighbours.

Do you supply additional services?

Yes we do we supply before and after photographs, electric and gas meter readings, we leave air fresheners in property after cleaning/clearance. We will log and photograph any problems we find with particular attention to any health and safety concerns. Certification of Disposal made available on request.